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Interesting Equity Release Plans For You To Consider

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

The ever increasing price rises are a concern for everyone. Inflation today has been quoted at 5.4% & therefore pressure is being exerted on mortgage & equity release interest rates. People who have retired and have a limited pension are in a worse situation than in the past. Their pension does not allow them to fulfil even their basic needs, let alone luxuries. In this hard and fast world, pensioners often feel secluded and uncared for.


However, all is not doom & gloom for those with properties & equity tied up within them. Mortgages haven’t tended to be the focus for the retired. Their credit history tends to err on caution rather than frivolous in nature. Yet credit trends are changing with the acceptance of new credit lines & leniency towards the children’s inheritance. So more emphasis is being placed on the release of equity from lifetime mortgage schemes.


If you have not heard about equity release, then we will help you to understand all about it. Equity release schemes allow you to generate extra money over and above your pension. If you are one whose money is in limited supply, equity release schemes could be the answer for you. If you own property, you can apply for any type of equity release scheme. Your property enables you to release tax free cash which can be taken in stage payments or as a one off lump sum.  This additional cash helps you to live your life properly and with all the luxuries you have become used to.  More common reasons for equity release UK plans are home improvements, new car, holidays, gifting to the children or to help with the purchase of a new property.


There are many plans you can apply for, but drawdown equity release schemes are now the most popular. These roll-up equity release schemes offer an overall cash facility from which you can take money from as & when required. By opting for this formula you will only pay interest on cash actually taken & not the funds still held by the equity release company in their reserves.


Increasing popular are the interest only lifetime mortgage plans provided by companies such as Stonehaven equity release. Helped by the previous popularity of the Halifax Retirement Home Plan, interest only lifetime mortgages have increased awareness of interest paying mortgages in retirement.


Equity release has been in existence for a long time now, but still not everyone knows about it. The equity release trade body SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) has led a sole crusade in raising awareness by pushing for consumer protection. Thanks to SHIP, today’s equity release schemes can be trusted & applied for without concern.


If you need advice on whether equity release or interest only lifetime mortgages are for you then please contact Equity Release Supermarket on 0800 678 5159 or visit the EquityReleaseSupermarket website.


Need To Learn More About Equity Release Schemes?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

An increase in the standard of living & more recently inflation levels has caused a shortfall in pension provision. This is now affecting all those people who are on the verge of, or now in retirement. So for those retirees who are on fixed incomes, how can they allay their fears of personal budget shortfalls?

Well consider equity release schemes as an effective solution to this problem. If you are looking for some more information, this guide will help you understand the lifetime mortgage schemes available.


What is an equity release scheme?

Equity release schemes allow you to release equity tied up within your home. These schemes are very popular amongst individuals who are entering, or now into the retirement phase of life. Thus, retirees can therefore overcome any shortfall in their income by utilising the tied up tax free cash within the value of their home. Equity release schemes provide pensioners with a steady flow of income thereby helping them to maintain and improve their quality of life. Additionally, in recognition of the demand for irregular tax free cash, drawdown equity release schemes can now provide flexibility.


Equity release is used to cover financial products that release home equity. However, they need not require any monthly payments & therefore do not affect retirement budget. It is very important to keep in mind that equity release schemes can only be considered for people who are above 55 years of age. For home reversion schemes this minimum age is increased to age 65 in lieu of the manner these schemes operate.


Lifetime mortgage plans are becoming increasingly popular amongst retired individuals. They provide a lump sum amount based on a combination of the age of the youngest homeowner & the property value.

The younger this age is, the lower the loan-to-value.

In contrast for those more elderly can release a percentage of the property upto 54%.


A few other benefits of SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) equity release schemes are:

  • Improved standard of living
  • Portable mortgage to another property
  • A fixed rate of interest for life
  • No monthly payment or instalments required
  • No negative equity guarantee


Equity release is an ideal option when it comes to securing your future. If you find the process confusing, it is highly important to consult an equity release advisor such as Equity Release Supermarket. With access to market leading deals & special interest rates they can research the whole of the equity release market to find the best equity release deal available.


If you require advice on which equity release is suitable for you, contact the Equity Release Supermarket team on 0800 678 5159 or email mark@equityreleasesupermarket.co.uk


Equity Release Schemes: Independent Advisors or Direct Providers?

Monday, October 10th, 2011

People think that going directly to equity release companies rather than going through an independent equity release adviser will save time and money. This is not really true.


There are intermediaries such as Equity Release Supermarket who can research the whole of the equity release market which in itself includes over ten equity release providers. Each company themselves may then have several different equity release products which opens a plethora of options for the proposed buyer.


So how can approaching one individual company therefore provide the customer with the best advice? Obviously not.


So should equity release intermediaries be your only option?

Direct companies offering equity release schemes are now few & far between. Most equity release lenders realise the importance of providing quality advice & ensuring the consumer receives best advice. Again companies like Equity Release Supermarket will receive more favourable equity release deals than if the customer went directly to any lender.


If we take Aviva for example..

Their direct sales force has been drastically cut for its halcyon days from over 10 years ago when competition was not so fierce as only a few lenders offered equity release plans. Marketing costs & the funding of a direct sales force comes with a huge financial burden. Company cars, pension schemes & basic salaries plus bonuses all need to be paid for & by whom…the customer.

Compare this to a company such as Equity Release Supermarket. Aviva do not incur any marketing costs for them, no salaried sales force with company cars, so the savings can be allocated elsewhere for such intermediaries.


This is shown in the product offering & the competitiveness of the interest rate & deals Equity Release Supermarket receive from Aviva, which can then be passed onto the consumer. Currently there is over 0.5% disparity between the Aviva drawdown scheme sold via Equity Release Supermarket & that sold by Aviva direct. Equity Release Supermarket can offer a special interest rate of just 6.32% & they can also currently offer a free valuation on properties upto £250,000.


The only extra fee involved with an equity release intermediary firm will be the advice fee they charge. However, this would seem a fair price to pay for knowing you have the best Aviva equity release deal in the market. This could be possibly saving £270 on the valuation fee & depending on the size of the release applied for could amount to many £1000’s in interest by having a much lower interest rate!


Criteria to be an equity release advisor

A lot of equity release scheme providers get their message through to the public via the media; however this alone does not explain all the terms and the details in depth. To understand each and every aspect of a certain scheme one has to have a good knowledge and an in-depth expertise of the terms used in the market as a whole. If equity release is not for you, your independent advisor will should tell you so. They will also consider any financial alternatives such as downsizing, using savings etc before arriving at an equity release recommendation.


Professional independent equity release advisors must have the appropriate licences in order to carry out any business. They must comply with all the rules and regulations of the Financial Services Act & deal with equity release schemes that are members of SHIP.

Therefore, always do your research & find an independent financial adviser who is local to you & who will take the time to understand your requirements & find the best equity release UK  scheme for you.


If you require independent equity release advice with a no obligation appointment, please call the Equity Release Supermarket team on 0800 678 5159 or email mark@equityreleasesupermarket.co.uk


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