More2Life Tailored Choice Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage
Roll up Lifetime Mortgage

Scheme Name: More2Life Tailored Choice Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage
Interest Rate: 6.15%
APR: 6.48%

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Full details:

More2Life have joined the equity release market with an innovative roll-up lifetime mortgage plan.

Originally backed by former annuity specialists Partnership Assurance, now Just Retirement, More2Life have created a unique impaired life equity release product that will potentially maximise the lump sum you can receive based on your health & lifestyle. Now labelled the Tailored Choice Plan, this lump sum impaired lifetime mortgage scheme can provide a higher capital sum than a normal plan.

Subject to medical underwriting, if you have a history of illness including high blood pressure, heart problems, angina, MS, diabetes and cancer, even down to smoking or being overweight, you could qualify for a larger lump sum.

After successfully being underwritten, the plan will provide one of the largest lump sums currently available in the equity release market.

The more2life equity release plan starts at age 55. Although the minimum age stated is 55, to qualify, the equivalent underwritten rated age must reach age 60 for single applications, and age 65 for joint applications.

The Tailored Choice Plan is currently available in England, Wales and mainland Scotland on properties valued over just £70,000. There is a minimum release of £10,000 & the enhanced version is available as a lump sum lifetime mortgage basis with an overall maximum release being £600,000 in England, whilst the maximum in Wales & Scotland is a reduced £250,000.

The More2life Tailored Choice plan now has the option of being taken on a equity release drawdown basis and therefore have the benefit of the highest release & the greatest drawdown facility.

The inclusion of a 'Protected Equity Guarantee' means a specific percentage of the property value can be protected away from the mortgage. This in turn allows a fixed percentage to then be passed onto your beneficiaries.

*Cashback offers frequently change, hence contact the team to get the latest cashback deals.

**Rates vary and are dependent upon age

Please call the Equity Release Supermarket team on Freephone - 0800 678 5159 for further information on the More2Life Tailored Choice Lifetime Mortgage.