LV= Flexible Lifetime Mortgage
Roll up Lifetime Mortgage

Scheme Name: LV= Flexible Lifetime Mortgage
Interest Rate: 6.04%
APR: 6.20%

Incentive Deal:


Reserve Facility

FREE valuation offer* | 15 year guaranteed reserve facility

Full details:

LV= is a trade mark of Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited who have acquired the new business operations of specialist retirement business Tomorrow" (formerly GE Life).

Their flexible lifetime mortgage scheme allows you to take a lower initial loan & have access to a reserve facility available for you to call on in the future, as & when you need it.
You can borrow from the reserve facility at any time without further approval & subject to a minimum of £2,000 & there are no additional charges for each withdrawal.

The interest rate on the initial cash withdrawal is fixed, however any subsequent withdrawals will be at the rate applicable at that time. LV= will guarantee your reserve facility for 15 years.
Plans start at age 60 & there is a minimum property value of £100,000 with a £10,000 minimum initial withdrawal limit.

The advantage of LV= equity release scheme is the early repayment charges, which are fixed at 5% for the first 5 years, 3% for the next 5 years with NO early repayment charges thereafter.

LV= will waive their early repayment charges on any joint applications where repayment occurs within 3 years of their partner dying or moving into a long term care residence.

LV= also accept equity release applications on 2nd properties & holiday homes subject to a 10% reduction in the standard loan-to-values. Contact us on 0800 678 5159 if you would like further information on 2nd homes.

*Free valuation upto £500,000, pro rata thereafter.