Equity Release Calculator

When considering equity release, the most common question asked is "How much can I borrow?"

The Equity Release Calculator opposite will enable you to see the MAXIMUM amount that can be released based on a roll-up equity release scheme.


In addition to the standard equity release maximum rates, there are now more companies who are offering 'enhanced' or 'impaired life' equity release schemes.
Therefore, if you have, or had a history of poor health, then some specialist equity release lenders will offer a higher lump sum than normal.


Please contact the team on 0800 678 5159 to find out whether you qualify for enhanced rates.

Lifetime Mortgages - the amount that can be released depends on :-
The age of the youngest homeowner (minimum age 55).The value of the property.Any existing mortgage that needs to be repaid.

Home Reversion Plans - the amount that can be released depends on:-
The age of the youngest homeowner (minimum age 65).The value of the property.Gender - the life expectancy is different for males and females.Health - impaired life rates may result in a greater lump sum.
(NB if you are in poor health, we may be able to obtain higher releases than have been shown in the calculator above. This is actuarially calculated on the basis that life expectancy for such health issues will be shorter.)


Enhanced or impaired life equity release will be based on a health and lifestyle questionnaire. Lifetime mortgage lenders offering enhanced schemes will ask a series of questions about your medical history. Dependent on the conditions & severity, will determine the extent of the maximum equity release.


We have now extended the results system with our equity release calculators. The format now providers you with two roll-up lifetime mortgage calculations: -


Provides the results from the standard maximum equity release calculator & its tax free lump sum

Provides the maximum result for an enhanced equity release calculator, should ill-heath persist


Feel free to utilise the equity release calculators to check your maximum equity release entitlement...

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(Equity release calculators should be used for guidance purposes only.

Certain property types have their loan-to-values reduced from the standard rates.

Check with an Equity Release Supermarket adviser to confirm the results.)

Equity Release Calculator


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