Bridgewater - Flexible Release Plan
Roll up Lifetime Mortgage

Scheme Name: Bridgewater - Flexible Release Plan
Interest Rate: 0.00%
APR: 0.00%

Incentive Deal:



Early vacancy & HPI guarantees

Full details:

Bridgewater Equity Release is a subsidiary of Grainger Trust Plc who were originally established in 1912. They are the largest quoted residential property investor in the UK & now have over 3,800 home reversion customers. They currently lend in England, Scotland & Wales.

The Bridgewater flexible release plan works by selling a portion of the equity in the property in return for a cash lump sum. The minimum property value acceptable is £75,000. You can sell anything from 25% to 100% of the interest in your property & retain right to remain in the property for the rest of your life.

Plans start at age 65 with the minimum initial amount that can be taken being the lesser of 25% of the property value or £25,000.
You can include options such as House Price Inflation Protection & early vacancy guarantee to provide additional protection for your beneficiaries.

Bridgewater also offer two further variants of their home reversion plan.
The Secured Escalating Release Plan allows the customer to chance to release a specified amount now with the certainty of guaranteed escalating payments over a given number of years which is selected at outset & upto a maximum of 15 years.

The final scheme is a Maximum Release Plan, which is designed for customers who need to release the maximum amount of equity from the outset. Therefore, 100% of the property value is sold to provide a tax free lump sum which can be spent on anything the customer desires. The applicant can still live in the property rent free for the rest of their lives.